What projects are we working on? Have a look! We advice and guide different kinds of challenging projects: from complex business cases to presentations. Together with our clients we create customised projects as a tool for sustainable solutions.

We deliver more than projects

Studio Balsem guides, advices in, collaborates with and initiates arts & culture projects. It is our mission to make these projects happen, professional and sustainable.

We help our clients with

  • coördinating projects

  • implementing & rolling out project management

  • setting up frameworks for projects


Some examples of our projects are included below.

& Culture


We help City Councils to set up a sustainable arts & culture infrastructure for the future. For an example see Municipality of Amstelveen and Amsterdam.



Art &


We have worked on the art project Sustainability Art with artists societies and TU Delft. 60 artists, with help from TU Delft students, made the complex developments regarding sustainability visible. The exhibition travelled from Pulchri Studio, to CBK Amsterdam, TU Delft and Museum Jan van der Togt.


"[...] With their international experience and knowledge of Art and Culture, Studio Balsem knows how to establish important partnerships between institutions, prominent stakeholders and regional partners. Reliability, perseverance and intellect makes Studio Balsem a good intermediary."

Council member & Vice-Chairman of a political group

& Culture


Together with artists, we set up programs with arts & culture institutes to engage the visitors with the artists on many different arts & culture related themes. Workshops, debates, lectures, events and tours are some examples. With Platform C we have created a series of lectures:



Art Fairs
& Galleries


We advice and guide art galleries in their creative business. In the past few years we collaborated with galleries from Barcelona and London. In 2018 we worked with Sala Pares at the KunstRai in Amsterdam. See more info at


Lectures & Presentations

We have given presentations regarding art & culture related themes for corporate companies. In 2018 we held a presentation about innovation for the Philips MT and Iris where we drew parallels between the arts and corporate cultures. 


"Studio Balsem delivered an excellent presentation at a recent Philips Male Grooming MT offsite, talking us through the culture of innovation and why it is so important for the arts. They were able to draw many parallels between the art world and the commercial world and to bring the subject closer to us all." 

Philips MT Member



We have organised exhibitions and full programs for museums. In 2017 and 2019 we organised a jubilee exhibition and the 

Sustainability Art project in Museum Jan van der Togt in collaboration with artist societies.

Artists &

Artist societies

We have been working closely with artists and artist societies since 2016 on different projects, from pop-up exhibitions up to social projects. We have guided more than 80 artists, advised and collaborated Amstelland Kunst and Pulchri Studio. See website and


Our clients & partners