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Studio Balsem guides art professionals, city councils, cultural institutions and corporate clients in their creative leadership and cultural entrepreneurship. 


Our mission is to shape future

Arts & Culture Ecosystems

where citizens are co-creators and artists are actors of positive change, contributing to

social, creative and cultural value.   


We shape future

Arts & Culture Ecosystems

We are arts & culture


What is vision and how to translate it into action? Studio Balsem guides art professionals, institutions, corporate and international clients in their creative leadership and entrepreneurship. We advice in board strategy, translating creative ideas into projects, business models and vision statements. We make arts & culture projects happen and help the arts to innovate and to professionalise. Our mission is to create sustainable organisations with the arts as a natural partner. 


Strategic development 

A broad range of clients in the Arts, Science, Politics and Education, makes Studio Balsem an expert in projects for the non-profit. Our experts have a background in corporate business, design, marketing or the arts and culture. We advice with creative solutions to complex problems. Working closely with different professionals from the government, city councils and corporate Studio Balsem also understands the importance of stakeholders, politics and public relations.


International Clients

Studio Balsem is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we serve clients world wide. We speak Dutch, English and French. We help out clients from different sectors:

  • Artists & artist societies

  • Arts & culture institutions

  • Art collectors, dealers & agents

  • Auction houses, Art Fairs, Galleries

  • Corporate Business

  • Government & city counsils

  • Foundations & NGO's

  • Universities


Our Founder and Director Rubiah Balsem is an advocate for inclusive and divers arts and culture ecosystems where non-Western perspectives are equally valued. With Studio Balsem she stimulates creative entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy. 

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Contact details 

Rubiah Balsem: Linkedin


See for more details also contact page.

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