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Strategy is not about being the best, but about being unique, leading and guiding. Strategy is about determining a destination and how best to get to there. It’s also about being able to change course because of changing economic, competitive or other circumstances. Strategy is about the long term, how you may or may not effect changes, and the sustainability of your organisation.


& Strategic advice

A broad range of clients in the Arts, Science, Politics and Education, makes Studio Balsem an expert in projects for the non-profit. Our experts have a background in corporate business, design, marketing and the arts and culture. We have creative solutions for complex problems.

Our experts have a background in corporate business, design, marketing and the arts and culture. We advice with creative solutions to complex problems. Working for clients in corporate business, government and non-profit. Studio Balsem also understands te importance of shareholders, stakeholders, politics and the lobby of public relations.


  • strategic business plans

  • business models & frameworks

  • strategic development plans

  • stakeholder management 

  • shareholder management 

We help our clients with their

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