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Changing times ask for new narratives for the future. Creative leadership is about contributing to and

co-creating an inspiring future for next generations. Inclusion, purpose, community and the ability to imagine will be important for the future of work. Leadership can create that through inclusion, empowerment and collaboration.

Creative Leadership

Creative leadership

Creative leadership is about contributing to and co-create an  inspiring future for next generations of leadership where:

  • collaboration will be more important than competition,

  • value is not only defined by what can be measured,

  • new perspectives are explored by motivating others,

  • knowing when not to follow is an act of wisdom and

  • action comes from courage not from fear.


We help leaders creating their vision and work on their resilience. If they want to make a difference, focusing on creating a new definition of leadership and success will be more important than trying to reinvent the old versions. Resilience is needed to make sacrifices for pursuing their vision.

Our experts have a background in corporate business, design, marketing and the arts and culture. We advice with creative solutions to complex problems. Working for clients in corporate business, Studio Balsem also understands the importance of shareholders, economics and marketing.

Also, working closely with different professionals from the government, city councils and corporate, Studio Balsem also understands the importance of stakeholders, politics and the lobby of public relations.



  • Interim management

  • Culture changes

  • Chair/moderating events

  • Lectures & presentations

  • Advice & guidance in creative leadership

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